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Textile book covers, Technical textile

Textile binding materials

We are pleased to introduce you to our new bookcloth We-Ha-Tex, We-Ha-Tex Spezial, Biblio We-Ha, We-Ha-Tex Natur and in the future even more varieties. These bookcloth are manufactured in a particularly sustainable and ecological way and offer you endless possible applications. Bookcloth are not only used for the production of books, menu cards and stationery items but also for boxes, wall coverings, decorations, lampshades, backdrop construction, passe-partout production and much more.

We would be happy to send you sample cards and all the information you need.

We also supply still high-quality bookcloth from Bamberger Kaliko such as Iris, Duo, €uroBuckram, Colibri, Canoso, Durabel, Lino (Find these articles still in the catalog). Unfortunately, Bamberger Kaliko stopped production and we stocked up accordingly.

Our new bookcloth We-Ha-Tex:

We Ha Tex 111 kWe Ha Tex 100 kWe Ha Tex 112 kWe Ha Tex 109 kWe Ha Tex 110 kWe Ha Tex 114 kWe Ha Tex 132 kWe Ha Tex 132 kWe Ha Tex 163 kWe Ha Tex 115 kWe Ha Tex 160 kWe Ha Tex 130 kWe Ha Tex 138 kWe Ha Tex 165 kWe Ha Tex 167 kWe Ha Tex 166 kWe Ha Tex 168 kWe Ha Tex 162 kWe Ha Tex 151 kWe Ha Tex 150 kWe Ha Tex 158 kWe Ha Tex 152 kWe Ha Tex 157 kWe Ha Tex 159 kWe Ha Tex 148 kWe Ha Tex 141 kWe Ha Tex 147 kWe Ha Tex 140 kWe Ha Tex 144 kWe Ha Tex 146 kWe Ha Tex 142 kWe Ha Tex 145 kWe Ha Tex 171 kWe Ha Tex 172 kWe Ha Tex 170 kWe Ha Tex 175 kWe Ha Tex 179 kWe Ha Tex 178 kWe Ha Tex 177 kWe Ha Tex 183 kWe Ha Tex 185 kWe Ha Tex 188 kWe Ha Tex 180 kWe Ha Tex 199 k


Technical fabrics

For the production of hinges and for backliner and spine binding you will find a selection of mull, schirting, backliner and calico etc.

Textile printing media

Bookcloth that you can print on are playing an increasingly important role in the design of photo books, packaging, calendars and menu cards, for example, often combined with embossing.

Bookcloth for Offset printing
Pure white fabric in different versions. The coated surface enables excellent printing results - even for larger runs.

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