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Paper, cardboard, board


You can find binding papers such as Efalin and Surbalin in a large selection of colors. Not only can you make high-quality book covers with Efalin and Surbalin - these cover papers are also suitable for packaging, artistic applications, origami, carrier bags and much more.

Elephant skin paper is just as versatile and extremely insensitive, ideal for documents or heavily used packaging and folders, for example.

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Direct link to the online catalog Efalin and elephant skin.

Our endpapers and many varieties from the Hahnemühle paper factory are also suitable for more than just books.

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You'll also be sure to find the right paper for packaging your own products: for example glassine paper, colored tissue paper and kraft paper.

We also stock guaranteed age-resistant paper and cardboard for paper and book restoration, conservation and picture framing. Japanese paper and tissue paper complete this range.

Among the technical papers you will find silicone paper, crepe paper and much more.

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Here you can see our some colored papers. For other decorative papers such as marble papers, please simply switch to the online catalog. In our Sales % you can always find exciting papers for all sorts of design and technical requirements.

Colored papers (technical details in the online catalogue):

Buntpapier 03 4023kBuntpapier 03 4024kBuntpapier 03 4026kBuntpapier 03 4020kBuntpapier 03 4025kBuntpapier 03 4031kBuntpapier 03 4021kBuntpapier 03 4022kBuntpapier 03 4049kBuntpapier 03 4028kBuntpapier 03 4027kBuntpapier 03 4048kBuntpapier 03 4030kBuntpapier 03 4029kBuntpapier 03 4032kBuntpapier 03 4034kBuntpapier 03 4033kBuntpapier 03 4046kBuntpapier 03 4045kBuntpapier 03 4043kBuntpapier 03 4044kBuntpapier 03 4047k

Marbled paper:

Marmorpapier 03 4085kMarmorpapier 03 4082kMarmorpapier 03 4086kMarmorpapier 03 4076kMarmorpapier 03 4080kMarmorpapier 03 4081kMarmorpapier 03 4083kMarmorpapier 03 4084kMarmorpapier 03 4077kMarmorpapier 03 4079kMarmorpapier 03 4073kMarmorpapier 03 4075kMarmorpapier 03 6322kMarmorpapier 03 6320kMarmorpapier 13 3505kMarmorpapier 03 6325kMarmorpapier 13 3504kMarmorpapier 03 6323kMarmorpapier 03 6324kMarmorpapier 03 6361k


Our offer includes cover cardboard such as Jupiter cardboard and leather-embossed cardboard and other colored cardboard for the design of book covers, packaging, bindings...

A focus of this product group is high-quality and guaranteed age-resistant and acid-free cardboard, museum cardboard (passe-partout cardboard) and archive cardboard. Many of these materials are manufactured by the Hahnemühle paper mill with high quality standards.


We supply you with extra-smooth bookbinding cardboard (grey bookbinding cardboard) on both sides in many thicknesses for books and packaging. And also wood cardboard, screen printing cardboard (Kroma) and our lightweight foam boards Foamboard ART.

Do you work in the Berlin area? Thanks to our convenient location, cardboard and foam boards can be picked up quickly and easily. Would you like to have the goods delivered? No problem, information about shipping can be found here.


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